Men! 5 Reasons to Not Miss Leg Day

1. You will Build More Muscle: Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is released when training legs. The more testosterone you have the more muscle you can build. 

2. You will Burn more calories: Your glutes are the largest muscle in your body. Working bigger muscles requires more energy which means your body will have to burn more calories to work these muscles. 

3. You won’t look like a chicken: We all see those guys with a great upper body, but have to wear sweat pants all the time. Don’t be that guy!! Train those legs so you can wear shorts. Lol

4. You’ll reduce the risk of injury: Neglecting your lower body and you are running the injury gauntlet. Muscle imbalances will lead to a guaranteed injury. Build more muscle around weak joints & help promote stability and mobility. 

5. Super Charge your Sex Game!!!: Let’s face the older we get as men, all we really care about is keeping the ability to have “good” sex. We really only care about everything working properly when it is supposed. With training legs and the release of more testosterone; your sex drive will increase and your little friend will appreciate that extra set of Squats.      

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