Muscle for Women Over 40

Why Women over 40 Need Muscle!

Once a woman hits 40 years old things begin to change. Physiological changes occur even if they are ever so slight. But building muscle after 40 is a must, it helps to keep the whole body healthy. Hear what we are saying, we are not saying weight loss we are stating muscle gain!

3 Reasons to Build Muscle after 40 

1. Weights & Your Heart

Weight training increases lean muscle mass, lean muscle mass has been directly correlated to the reducing of heart disease.

The more lean muscle you have the more efficient your heart can work.

2. Muscle & Your Bones

 Osteopenia & Osteoporosis are the diseases that all women have heard of by the time they are 40. The more muscle you have the less chance you have of dealing with either of these diseases.

The stronger your muscles, the stronger your bones and bone health is critical for overall quality of life after menopause.

3. Balance Your Hormones

Estrogen is the headliner, stealing the show from all of the other cocktail of hormones that are also affected by being in perimenopause. 

We don’t talk enough about testosterone, but all women have some testosterone and it contributes to everything including libido, brain health, bone density and health as well as overall energy level.

The best way to encourage testosterone production is through stimulating the muscle building proteins in your body. Weight lifting requires this process and testosterone is necessary for building muscle mass.

Building muscle after 40 has so many great benefits. A healthy heart, strong bones and balanced hormones all contribute to overall improved quality of life.

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