Resistance Training & Anti-Aging!

In life we have to identify what is important? Many start off not wanting to get older because of looks or whatever superficial reason. But inevitable we get older and looks aren’t as important as quality of life. So when we talk about the importance of resistance training & anti-aging we are focusing on how it can improve your quality of life as you age.

 Resistance training can help adults preserve their independence and quality of life. It makes you stronger, improves range of motion and will improve your energy level. Strength training will build muscle mass, improve motivation and self-confidence. Being physically strong does not only help you physically, trust me strength has a positive effect of your mental and emotional well-being also.

 After 40 most lose muscle mass at a rate of 5% per decade. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but with technology and improvements in health, we are living longer. So imagine if you aren’t doing any strength training but still losing by the time you are 80 you will have lost 20% of your muscle mass. What quality of life are you having after losing that much muscle mass?

Statistics show that barely 17% of older Americans regularly life weights. Why is this? Mainly because of two reasons:

1. Lack of Knowledge

2. Flat out fear

This is expected if you have never been an active person, but you don’t have to live this way. There are fitness professionals out here waiting to assist you.

  Please seek the help and assistance you need to have the life you want!!

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