Each member is on a unique journey and every member has a story to tell. Here are a few examples. Let us help you tell yours.

Tam lost 47 pounds. Then completed 5 Marathons. 

Tam started at Future of Fitness looking to lose weight in our Battle of the Bulge competition. We were able to give her the jump start she needed to kick her weight loss into gear.

In the Battle of the Bulge, Tam lost 26 pounds and felt in the best shape in years.

After the Battle, Tam decided to stay at Future of Fitness and lost 21 more pounds.

This weight loss encouraged Tam to train for her first 5k race. She then set the goal of completing five full marathons before the age of 50 and she did it. Tam is an inspiration at Future of Fitness because she keeps setting goals and striving to complete all of them.


Age is just a number for LJ.

LJ started at Future of Fitness to increase her muscle mass, bone density and to be able to work in her garden. She started training with Bill twice a week every week. They would work on her balance and strength training.

LJ never slowed down during her workouts. She always comes in the gym with a great attitude and smile ready to work hard.

After training with Bill for a year, has LJ increased her bone density significantly and is able to do the agility ladder with no problem.

LJ is a great addition to Future of Fitness and is a huge inspiration to those around her.